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Lesson 4

Contending for the Faith

The church of the second and third centuries faced numerous  challenges, including the dangers of Roman persecution and the threat of false teachers. To defend the truth, God raised up faithful apologists and polemicists. 

Lesson 4 examines these threats and the leaders who boldly stood against them.

Audio Lecture:

Lecture Slides:

Lesson 4 -- Forerunners of the FaithNathan Busenitz
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VIDEO 1: In this video, we discuss both the global expansion of the gospel in the early centuries, and the rise of heretical movements (like the Gnostics) who threatened the purity of the church.

VIDEO 2: This video continues to survey the rise of early heretical movements, like Manichaeism, Modalism, and Montanism.

VIDEO 3: In response to false teachers and pagan persecutors, the 2nd-century apologists sought to defend Christianity from those who would seek to misrepresent it.

VIDEO 4: A continuation of the survey of 2nd and 3rd-century church leaders, including Ignatius, Tertullian, and Clement of Alexandria.

VIDEO 5: Wrapping up the discussion about the Ante-Nicene Fathers, this video focuses on Origen and Cyprian.

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