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Online Resources for Additional Study

The titles listed below link to articles from online journals and blogs from a variety of authors. They are included here as supplemental material for those who wish to dig deeper in their study of church history.

The Apostolic Period

An Introduction to Acts - Part 1 (MacArthur)

An Introduction to Acts - Part 2 (MacArthur)

Sermons on the Book of Acts (MacArthur)

Are there Apostles in the Church Today? (Busenitz)

The First Seminary (Busenitz)

Upon This Rock (Busenitz)

Why These 66 Books? [Article] (Busenitz)

Why These 66 Books? [Audio] (Busenitz)

Why These 66 Books? [Slides] (Busenitz)

Patristic Period

The Medieval Period

The Reformation Period

17th and 18th Centuries

19th and 20th Centuries

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