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Lesson 5

Defending the Deity of Christ

Who is Jesus Christ? There is no more important question to answer than that. 

In the fourth century, a critical debate arose about how to answer that question. Lesson 5 investigates the debate and demonstrates, both biblically and historically, that Jesus is God. 

Audio Lecture:

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Lesson 5 -- Forerunners of the FaithNathan Busenitz
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The video lectures below do not directly follow the Student Workbook or the Teacher Guide. Rather, they are intended to supplement the material found in Lesson 5.

VIDEO 1: Constantine's reign and the Council of Nicaea both mark a major turning point for Christians living in the Roman Empire.

VIDEO 2: There are some groups that claim the doctrine of the deity of Christ was invented at the Council of Nicaea. This video addresses that allegation.

VIDEO 3: This video concludes the discussion about the deity of Christ (as defended at the Council of Nicaea), including details about the life and ministry of Athanasius.

EXALTING HIS NAME: The following sermon focuses on the biblical case for the deity of Christ, using accounts from church history to introduce the topic.

The Name of the LordNathan Busenitz
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