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Lesson 2

From Pentecost to Patmos

Church history begins with the Day of Pentecost, as recorded in Acts 2. This lesson focuses on the history of Christianity in the first century.

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Lesson 2 -- ForerunnersNathan Busenitz
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The video lectures below were delivered at The Master's Seminary. They do not directly follow the Student Workbook or the Teacher Guide. Rather, they are intended to provide supplemental content for the material found in Lesson 2.

VIDEO 1: From the Day of Pentecost to the conversion of Saul, the opening chapters of Acts describe the dramatic events that characterize the beginning of church history.

VIDEO 2: With the conversion of Cornelius, church history begins to include Gentile believers. This sets the stage for Paul's first missionary journey.

VIDEO 3: Following the Jerusalem Council (in Acts 15), the rest of the book of Acts surveys the missionary efforts of Paul and his colaborers to reach the Roman world for Christ.

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